Wednesday, September 3, 2008

a journey disrupted - part 1

Saint, Thrill, Derek, and Purity protect a boy named Thomas from forces that wish to use him for evil. Sounds awesome, right? A villain, the Equivalent, wishes to kill Thomas so her power is stronger. This is one of their encounters.

It was raining when Thomas awoke in the car, curled up between Purity's lap and Derek's leg. Saint was still vigilantly driving while Thrill stared at the road from the passenger's seat. The air was cold, like early morning. The digital clock illuminated in green on the dashboard read 6:12 p.m. The sky was darkened. Thomas was scared.

"Where are we?" he asked sleepily.

"Some piece of shit-" Saint began.

"SAINT!" Purity snipped.

"Some...podunk town in Ohio. I give us another two days and we'll be there," Saint finished.

Derek yawned. "I'm gonna need to eat soon."

"We might have to skip a meal tonight. We need money," Thrill stated, still staring forward as the road disappeared beneath the car's wheels. Derek groaned in disappointment, then leaned lazily to his side and closed his eyes. Thomas watched him for a moment then followed his lead, closing his eyes and hoping he could fall back asleep. The cold made him queasy.

When his lids shut completely, he saw her staring at him.

Thomas jumped up, knocking Derek and Purity with is elbows. "She's close!" he yelled in reflex.

"The Equivalent..." Saint muttered before hitting the gas. "Are you sure, Thomas?"

Thrill's focus on the road had become narrowed. "Fuck..." she whispered without moving her lips. Her arm still hurt from the last disruption they had.

"Don't ask him that. He doesn't ever know if he's sure," Purity defended.

"She's close!" Thomas yelled again.

In the distance, her breath became heightened. She felt a hand on her shoulder and power surged through her. She felt the rain land on her face and then evaporate. "Go now," she told him. The figure behind her straightened. "You will catch them if you go now." He leapt through the trees toward the bridge. She watched him and smiled.

Saint was beginning to fatigue. His arms and hands had become numb, his eyes dry and red, and the foot on the gas pedal was heavier. The gray sky and cold rain only relaxed him further. When Thomas announced that the Equivalent was near, he was disappointed to find that his body did not respond as accurately as he had hoped. If a fight was near, he doubted their chances.

Thomas was in Purity's arms, her curly brown hair falling around his head. Derek was staring back and fourth at Thrill and Saint, trying desperately to catch an idea of what they should do.

Thrill reached in the glove compartment and pulled out the gun. It gleamed in the reflection of the watery windshield.

A bridge was up ahead.

She smiled brighter as she walked toward the bridge. She saw their car down the road. She looked below and watched the river thrash violently in the storm. It was perfect.

"She's at the bridge!" Thomas screamed.

Saint slammed on the brakes. The crew lurched forward before catching on their seat belts. Thomas bounced in Purity's lap.

"What the fuck-" Derek began.

"DEREK!" Purity snipped.

"What the...hell are we going to do?"

Saint gripped the steering wheel for a moment, focusing on the small metal bridge ahead. The trees on the roadside completely blocked the view of the river below, but the wind occasionally blew the branches aside long enough for Saint to take in the choppy dark water. He could fly, he couldn't fly all of them. If he drove the car, it would be attacked. If they attacked the bridge, the car would sink fast. If they walked, they couldn't get anywhere. If...

That's when the car began to move forward at an alerting speed. Saint glanced down. His foot was still on the brake.

She smiled as she watched him push the car. What a great power, she thought to herself, to be invisible and have unbelievable strength. Such a surprise it must be to them.

"Saint, stop the fucking car!" Thrill yelled over the isolated tires screeching against the gravel road.

"I CAN'T!" he yelled back.

Thomas held his head in his arms and started to think really hard.

The car reached the bridge. It kept going until it was in the middle of the two-car-length bridge. Then everything was still.

Yes, she thought...

Thrill cocked the gun. Derek took off his seat belt and stared at his hands. A dull glow came from the circles in his palms. Purity looked around the area frantically.

"How did the car move? I didn't see anyone!"

"Get out of the car," Saint instructed.

"Are you insane?" Purity yelled.

Thrill and Derek began to open the car doors diligently. Saint turned in the driver's seat.

"Stay in here. Protect him," Saint told Purity. Then he exited the car.

The rain was in a torrential downpour. It was hard to see. But Saint could make out a form, moving at him quickly.

Thrill shot the gun. Saint was falling over the side of the bridge. Derek shot a beam in the air, simply instinctively. His left hand smoldered in the rain.

She watched as he dove off the side with Saint beneath him. How smart he is, she thought. Then she began to think really hard.

The bridge began to sway.

Thrill and Derek were listening for a splash. Saint never hit the water.

Then the ground beneath them disappeared.

They were falling. Derek shot his hands beneath him in a frenzy. The water leapt at the beams.

He heard a giant splash and his heart sank. The car... Then he hit the water. Hard.

I'll continue when I see fit.