Thursday, July 17, 2008

Collection of current sins and knowledge...

God, this is weird.

I find myself in situations I didn't expect, talking to those on random surprise moments and filling myself with escapism. Comic books and my job take up most of my time, and TV. Friends are so scattered and varied, I don't know who I can truly open myself up to and be emotional towards. A lot of it is in my head. A lot of it is just the moment in time, adjusting and flexing, reaching some climax and finally settling.

I stopped hurting those who didn't need it. I stopped hurting myself in ways that are tougher than you would think. This is a time of reconnection. So many loose ends needing to be tied...

I'm not a stronger person. I just know now what it takes to be strong, and I'm attempting to apply it to my person. It's a constant stress, really exhausting. But needed.

Mainly, I've accepted that I don't know a fucking thing. And people can't be truly understood. Not all the way.


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My blog for my job's website....

Greetings from Wizard World Convention in Chicago! Brock Graham, your fellow Marvel zombie, here to tell you some big announcements from the Marvel Comics panels from yesterday and today.
Yesterday, at the Mondo Marvel panel, guests Peter David (writer: X-Factor, She-Hulk), C. B. Cebulski (editor/writer: The Loners, Avengers Fairy Tales), Brian Reed (writer: Ms. Marvel, Captain Marvel), Tom Brevoort (executive editor), and Mike Perkins (artist: Stephen King’s The Stand) had some great announcements for upcoming Marvel projects. The first was Marvel Zombies 3, which for the first time will impact the regular Marvel universe continuity starring the Machine Man himself, Aaron Stack. Writers of the hit series Nova, Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, have signed an exclusive with Marvel, ensuring a lengthy run. Peter David announced a crossover between the gang at X-Factor and the superhero lawyer She-Hulk stemming out of Secret Invasion. Starting with Captain America#43, Luke Ross and Steve Epting will be alternating duties as artist on the title. A new mini-series from the talented writer of X-Force and X-Men: Emperor Vulcan, Chris Yost, was announced: Storm: Worlds Apart will deal with Storm balancing her duties as ruler of Wakanda with her husband Black Panther and her loyalty to the X-Men. Cebulski promised that Storm “kicks lots of ass” in the series. In the pages of Ghost Rider, for the first time, the two ghost riders, Johnny Blaze and Danny Ketch, will face off. A new run on What If?was announced, with stories of what could have happened with House of M (what if Wanda said “no more powers”?), Fallen Son (what if Iron Man had died instead of Captain America?), the classic Secret Wars (what if Dr. Doom had kept the power of the Beyonder?), and Spider-Man: Back In Black (what if Mary Jane had been shot instead of Aunt May?). All What If?issues will feature a back-up story written by C. B. Cebulski dealing with the Runaways and Young Avengers (what if the Runaways had become the Young Avengers?). Fresh off of his run on Wolverine, writer Jason Aaron will be writing a new Wolverine mini-series titled Wolverine: Manifest Destiny. Other fun announcements include Starhawk showing up in the pages of Guardians of the Galaxy#3 and the possible return of Magick in an upcoming X-Men event. Another interesting annoucement was C. B. Cebulski discussing the still-in-development video game Ultimate Alliance 2 which will be based on the Marvel Civil War. Cebulski, who wrote the first Ultimate Alliance video game, had to decline writing the sequel.
Later in the day, I attended the Marvel: Ultimate Universe with guests Brian Michael Bendis (writer: Ultimate Spider-Man, New Avengers, Secret Invasion), Bill Rosemann (editor of the Ultimate line), and C. B. Cebulski. Although the panel was less informative, it was still fun. Bendis confirmed that Ultimate Spider-Man will not be cancelled after the events of Ultimatum, but the tone will change drastically. Up and coming artist David LaFuente will be doing the next Ultimate Spider-Man annual. The issue, which Bendis described as a “hard-sell to the editors,” will address Peter Parker and Mary Jane’s physical relationship. Also appearing in the pages of Ultimate Spider-Man will be ultimate Daredevil and Elektra, original villains, and even characters from the 1960’s cartoon Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends. Bendis also revealed that the upcoming Ultimatum event will feature the debut of ultimate Watcher.
This morning at the Marvel: Secret Invasion panel, Bendis revealed even more amazing series and one-shots that will be coming out post-Secret Invasion. In January of 2009, Nick Fury’s Secret Warriors (which debuted recently in the pages of Mighty Avengers) will get their own ongoing series co-plotted by Bendis and scripted by up-and-coming writer Jonathan Hickman (writer: Image’s Nightly News). Mighty Avengers#16 will show Nick Fury training his Secret Warriors. Also, look for the Skrull Kill Krew to show up in Avengers: The Initiative#16. Probably the best announcement at the panel was the reveal of the a never-before-seen Alex Maleev picture of Namor, the Hood, Loki (still a girl), Dr. Doom, and two unidentifiable characters (one possibly being Emma Frost). Bendis teased, “It almost looks like an evil Illuminati.”
Later this evening, due to the absence of Marvel editor-in-chief Joe Quesada, but Bendis filled his place quite nicely. This panel, dubbed “Cup O’Bendis,” had mostly fan questions, but a couple of big announcements were made. After Secret Invasion, Lenil Yu is leaving the title and Billy Tan will be taking over as regular artist. Also post-Secret Invasion, Spider-Woman will FINALLY be getting her own solo title, although Bendis teased, “It might not be Jessica Drew in the costume…” Bendis went on to reveal that the full title for the book will be Spider-Woman: Agent of S.W.O.R.D.
Well that’s all for tonight! Check back tomorrow for an update on the last day of the con! Thanks for reading!
-Brock Graham-