Monday, June 9, 2008

What you've got here... a great big mess. The funniest thing about the mess is how easy it is to pick up, and how it's really quite simple. But a mess, non the less. Ha, that rhymed.

Ask me how I got here.

Decisions of sin with angelic improvisations. But enough about my weekend.

I am not a happy man. I am an optimistic young person. I do as I shall and wish for the best. It has not worked out for me for about 75% of all occasions, but I insist on it. To not do it would be to compromise my integrity.

I must be consistent with my failings, and I must deal with them as they come.

When I feel overwhelmed, I must remember one thing,

"What you've got here is an opportunity to work things out to your advantage."

Let's see if it sticks.