Monday, August 18, 2008

Fictional Letter

Listen, I really don't need this shit. You either talk to me cause you're serious about making this happen or don't talk to me at all. If you choose the latter, have fun trying to find another guy to fuck behind your girlfriend's back. Hope the closet is big enough for all the shit that comes along with you. And, go fuck yourself.


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Ten points of interest....

1.) Love my job. Don't get paid enough, but enjoy it none-the-less. Getting ready for the boss to be gone for a week where I will fill in for him. That's right; for a week, I'm going to be running a comic book store. I can strike that off my 'list of accomplishments before 25'.

2.) Need to quit smoking. Not concerned about health reasons (I could care less) but I am concerned with money. Fucking economy.

3.) Burgeoning romantic possibilities. More to come.

4.) Re-connecting with old friends to show that I still care. Trying desperately to wash myself clean of apathy. Successful results to (hopefully) come soon.

5.) Turn 23 in five weeks. Makes me think of "23" by Jimmy Eat World. Also, makes me wanna cry.

6.) Still in love with Minus the Bear. (Greatest.Band.Ever.EVER.)

7.) Interested in getting back into theatre. Still pondering and weighing my options.

8.) Family is good, although I'm realizing that they're better individually than together. Can't stand the tension.

9.) Saw The Dark Knight three times the first weekend it was released. One of the best comic book movies ever made.

10.) Reading comic books like I'll die tomorrow. Slowly realizing I should have been a superhero.

That is all. Hope you feel as enlightened as I have become.